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Mickey is one of the main characters on the Netflix original series Love. She is portrayed by Gillian Jacobs.


Mickey is originally from New Jersey, and has lived in the Los Angeles area for 5 or 6 years. She is a program manager at a satellite radio station.

She has a cat named Grandpa, which she named because he's a reincarnation of her Grandpa. At the start of the series, she gets a new roommate, Bertie, from Australia. She meets Gus Cruikshank on the morning after a long night where she took a lot of Ambien and was dragged around LA by her ex-boyfriend. Gus and Mickey begin a tumultuous relationship with many twists and turns, as the series depicts.


Mickey is the rebellious type, adventurous and volatile. She struggles with addiction and impulse control, and pretends not to care as much as she does.

Externally, she's the "manic pixie dream girl" kind of character, but through her process of recovery from alcohol and sex addiction, she's breaking that kind of life off of herself. She doesn't want to be that dream girl whore that the nice guy fucks to pretend he's doing the adventurous thing in his life. She's a person with real feelings and goals.

Memorable Quotes[]

  • "Hi, guys, I'm on Ambien, so..."
  • "I have a lot of debt and a bad habit of buying expensive T-shirts."
  • "We're not dead yet, fuckers!"
  • "That's too many feelings, dude."